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I graduated in 2008 from Alfred University in upstate New York with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, concentrating in Graphic Design. My focus included work in Typography, Advertising Design, and Branding/Corporate Identity. 


Following college, I have had the opportunity to experience different aspects of the Design Industry. Everything from being the sole graphic designer for a small local business, to working in a print shop with pressmen, and working at a marketing firm as a valuable resource with multiple departments and diverse clients. I believe the additional knowledge I have gained from working in these environments has elevated my ability to better assist and guide my clients with projects from start to finish. I am able to think all the way down to the best print or production methods while also providing cost-effective solutions. 


As you can also see by my portfolio, I am not limited to business-related graphics. I have designed everything from personal projects, wedding material, apparel, and promotional giveaways. So if you have something you need assistance with, please reach out to me. I will be happy to consult with you regarding your needs.

Located in the Hudson Valley with 15 years of experience.

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